College Counselling Course

In April 2014, OSC will be returning to Oxford, UK for a repeat of the very successful College Counselling Course. The 2 day course will be held at St Anne's College – part of Oxford University.

The course will be delivered again by Gwen Martinez, a very experienced College Counsellor who teaches our University Applications Course in the US.

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IBSCA has an agreement with IBAEM authorising it to run IB Diploma Teachers' Workshops for 2010-2011.

The workshops have been organised by IBSCA (the IB Schools and Colleges Association of the United Kingdom), with back-up support provided by OSC.

IBSCA Diploma Teachers' Workshops have been arranged at university venues within the UK - providing onsite accommodation for those who need it.

All workshops listed on these pages have the full backing of the IB.

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A Triple A Learning/OSC online workshop takes place over the Internet using a Virtual Learning Environment.  The workshops are all asynchronous and so participants can log in whenever suits them to work around their schedule.

The workshops have an online mentor – an expert on the particular topic. The mentor will guide discussions, answer questions and queries, provide relevant resources and materials and help participants get the most from the workshop.

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OSC's Professional Development seminars are designed to help schools adjust to the changes in DP programmes of study.

The emphasis of these seminars are to increase teachers' and technicians' understanding of the changes and to share ideas for addressing them.

OSC IBDP Exam Revision

The OSC IBDP Exam Revision courses are designed specifically for students who are about to take their final International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma exams.

Since 1990 OSC has been offering fast, effective revision for IBDP students. Students choose which subjects to study and receive expert IB tuition.

All our tutors are highly experienced IB teachers from excellent IB schools, many of whom are examiners. Students live and study in inspiring academic environments.

Our IBDP Exam Revision Courses are held in Oxford University in the UK (Spring Revision), and Sydney and Melbourne Universities in Australia.

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OSC Pre IBDP Summer Schools

The OSC Pre IBDP Summer Schools are designed specifically for students who are about to start their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in the following school term and will take their exams in 2014. Students have the choice of attending a two or three week Summer School.

Students customise their programme with the subjects they would like to take and are taught by highly experienced IB teachers.

It is also great fun! Students live and learn in amazing university environments, have a dedicated social programme, and make friends for life from all over the world.

We will be back at Oxford University in the UK and at Harvard and MIT in Boston in the US.

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OSC Mid IBDP Summer Courses

The OSC Mid IBDP Summer Courses are for students who have completed the first year of their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and helps them prepare for their important second year.

Students choose how many subjects they would like to take and receive at least 17.5 hours of class time per subject with highly experienced IB teachers. 1 subject = 1 week, in Boston you can take up to 3 subjects, and in Cambridge up to 6 subjects.

It is also great fun! Students live and learn in amazing university environments, have a dedicated social programme, and make friends for life from all over the world.

We will be back at Cambridge University in the UK and at Harvard University and MIT in Boston in the US.

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UK University Tour

OSC has been running the University Tour in the UK for over 15 years. It is open to students about to enter their penultimate or final year of school. Students doing the UK Pre IBDP or Mid IBDP courses can add the University Tour to their programme.

Students travel by private coach to a minimum of 12 different universities or colleges. At each location they receive private tours, seminars and information sessions. The tour is led by our experienced careers counsellors who are on hand to answer any questions students may have.

For 2012 students will be based in Oxford University in the UK.

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US University Applications Course

The US University Applications Course (UAC) is open to students about to enter their penultimate or last year of school. Students doing the US Mid IBDP course can make this part of their programme.

The UAC has been developed from our years of experience running University Tours and giving careers advice to students on our International Baccalaureate (IB) revision courses. In consultation with experienced college careers advisors we have designed the UAC to give students all the knowledge and understanding we know they need to successfully apply to US university courses.

In 2012 the UAC will be based at Harvard University and MIT in Boston in the USA.

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A brand new IB Diploma (IBDP) Art Summer Course for students who are about to embark on their first year of IBDP Art or who have completed one year. The stimulating, inspiring 10 day course provides a focused learning experience where students are encouraged to build upon their existing strengths, discover new ones, and develop their potential as an artist.

The course will use a range of materials and techniques that will enable students to explore the fundamental ideas of culture, context and the role of investigation in art making that is the foundation of IB Art. Held in an artist residency in the beautiful hills near Pisa in Italy.

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OSC International Baccalaureate (IB) Revision Guides

OSC IB Revision Guides are written by experienced IB teachers, most of whom also teach on OSC IB review courses and are experts in the techniques of revision and review.

First published in February 2002, they are now widely used by IB schools and IB students around the world. There are 55 concise and easy to use titles offering a complete overview of each syllabus. The guides emphasise active revision and review to target your effort where it is needed. They offer invaluable advice on how to tackle IB questions.

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OSC Online IB Tuition and Revision

These one-hour sessions are completely personalised, in agreement between student and teacher. Students complete a questionnaire detailing their specific tuition or revision needs, and agree a course of one-hour sessions with their OSC teacher. Timetabling is flexible, and OSC's traditionally excellent-quality tutoring is guaranteed in the virtual classroom.

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OSC Online IB Revision Classes

Our online classes provide you with extra revision and learning for key areas of your subjects. Each class is live, and led by one of our expert IBDP teachers who will clarify difficult syllabus areas and help you focus on revision techniques which will make sure you get the best possible final grades.

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OSC Online University Consultation

Any students who are considering following university courses in the UK or college courses in the US can book personal and intensive one-to-one time with OSC's experienced Higher Education advisors. Students can choose from a 2-hour consultation package which includes a final personal report on the best course of action to be successful in their application, or decide to add in extra one-hour modules on mock interviews, Personal Statements (UK universities) or Application Essays (US colleges).

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OSC is a Social Enterprise based in Oxford, UK. We have been supporting IB students and schools since 1990. Students attend our IB Revision Courses from over 450 schools worldwide.

  • Experienced IB teachers from top IB schools, selected and prepared by OSC to deliver revision and review courses. Many of them are current examiners or have recent examining experience.
  • Fantastic locations - prestigious universities in Oxford, Cambridge, Boston, Sydney and Melbourne, and leading IB schools in Shanghai, Stockholm and Gothenburg.
  • Students join classes that suit their abilities.
  • Online One-to-one Tuition, Revision Classes and University Application Consultation.
  • Scholarships available. Click for more information on OSC IB Scholarships.
  • IB Revision Guides written by OSC teachers.
  • Offering expert Spring IB Revision as well as Pre IB Summer Schools & Mid IB Summer Courses.

I hope you can find what you are looking for on our website - please call our team of International Baccalaureate specialists if we can help you further.

Dr Kim Polgreen, Chief Executive

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  • To be able to work with these young people with their positive attitude and personalities as well as positive work ethic is a pleasure. Notwithstanding this I am proud to be part of the service that OSC provides to encourage and help to develop these students to be open-minded and capable citizens of the world

    Margarita Mechkova, IB Chemistry, Teacher

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  • OSC students have a gift for asking the right questions about where their learning might be. The interaction with their teachers makes the journey of learning a memorable and positive experience... Thanks OSC for creating the 'perfect storm of learning'

    Dr. Peter Orange, IB English and the Arts, Teacher

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