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Here at Oxford Study Courses we have helped thousands of students prepare for their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma exams through our IB Revision Courses. We know the value of an intensive review of a syllabus and the confidence such study can build. But our students are also keen to have written material which provides a complete overview of a course.

OSC has therefore commissioned a series of IB Revision Guides to fulfil this need: they have been written both to complement our courses and to aid those who are unable to come to us. They are written by experienced IB teachers, most of whom also teach on OSC IB Revision Courses and are experts in the techniques of IB revision and review.

First published in February 2002, they are now widely used by IB schools and IB students around the world.

How they help you

  • These IB Study Guides aim to help you prepare for your exams.
  • They supplement textbooks and teaching notes.
  • The IB Guides include worked examples, exam-style questions and encourage you to test yourself as you go along. You will find space to fill in your own answers and to check your progress.
  • All the OSC IB Study Guides assume you have been through the syllabus with your teacher in school. However, as each guide contains complete coverage of your syllabus, you can also check that you have not missed any part of your course through illness or absence from school.
  • You can also use these IB guides as you progress through the syllabus to help you prepare for school exams or homework assignments.
  • The authors are all specialists in their subjects. They draw on their extensive experience of the IB to offer students an excellent well illustrated text containing sound advice that helps you enter the exam room with the confidence that comes from being well prepared.
  • IB Revision Guides will be available to purchase on all Spring and Summer IB Revision Courses

We’re sorry but we are unable to send free inspection copies. However, this website contains sample pages from each book. To see these please click on a subject area from the menu on the left, and then select a book title. You will then be able to find out more details about the book as well as view a number of sample pages.


The guides are available to buy online through this website or directly from Oxford Study Courses.



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