Pre IB Summer School - Introduction

There was a great balance between having fun and learning. The classes have helped me a lot and I think I am fully prepared for the IB now! Pre IB Summer School student

We will be running the popular UK OSC Pre IB Summer Schools for the 22nd year in 2014.

Students about to start their IB Diploma can attend either our 2 week or 3 week Pre IB UK courses.

The courses are for students about to begin their IB Diploma in the following school term; designed to give them the best possible start in their IB studies. The 3 week course is a full introduction to the IBDP and prepares students thoroughly for all parts of the programme, focusing especially on the areas that students find the most challenging. There is also a 2 week option for those who have less time.

The programme is prepared using the combined expertise of our Academic Team, all of whom are highly experienced IB teachers.

Our Pre IB Summer Schools Oxford are held in two colleges of Oxford University: St Antony's College and Queen's College.

In 2014 we are also offering 3 week Pre IB courses in Boston, USA and Vancouver, Canada.

Introduction to the IB Diploma for Parents

We would love to help our students’ parents get to grips with the demands of the IB Diploma too! All parents of students attending one of our Pre IB Summer Schools in Oxford are very welcome to join us at 4pm on the first Sunday (Registration Day) of each course for a Seminar on the IB Diploma and Question & Answer session with our Academic Director. Please let us know if you’d like to join us by emailing

What to expect from OSC's UK Pre IB Summer School:

  • A course designed specifically for students who are about to start their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in the following school term.
  • The course covers all aspects of the IB Diploma, from content to key skills needed to be a successful IB student.
  • All aspects of the course are taught by highly experienced IBDP teachers from excellent IB schools all over the world, many of whom are IBDP examiners.
  • A dedicated team of Deans to look after all your non-academic needs and provide exciting and varied activities in the afternoons and evenings, as well as 24 hour pastoral care.
  • A focused, academically rigorous programme covering a range of IBDP subjects, designed to help students reach the required entry level for their IB Diploma
  • Full time courses with lesson led by expert IB teachers.
  • Small academic teaching classes
  • Daily supported homework and a dedicated 'homework hour' each evening
  • Reports written by teachers and available online for parents
  • A range of afternoon options including academic classes in Sciences and Humanities, university application advice, sports and local culture
  • A Course Orientation providing students with an overview of the IB Diploma and how the OSC Pre IBDP Summer School will prepare them for their studies
  • A beautiful and stimulating university environment
  • Increased confidence, new international friends and experience of university life

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