The revision guides are straight forward and particularly focused on what we need to know for the exam rather than the whole course.

IBDP Revision Guide Customer, 2012

Before, I couldn’t understand anything about Biology and now I feel that I can finally catch up when it comes to the basics.

IBDP Revision Guide Customer, 2012

IB Biology Revision Guides

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Biology Revision Guides are clear, colourful, easy to follow and cover every aspect of the Biology IBDP core syllabus at both levels as well as most options.

They contain a wealth of excellent diagrams, explanations, questions and self-tests, as well as helpful advice for your own revision plan. Individual booklets are available for all options.

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Available study guides:


  • Biology SL
  • Biology HL
  • Biology Option A: Human Nutrition and Health SL
  • Biology Option B: Physiology of Exercise SL
  • Biology Option C: Cells and Energy SL
  • Biology Option D: Evolution HL/SL
  • Biology Option E: Neurobiology and Behaviour HL/SL
  • Biology Option F: Microbes and Biotechnology HL/SL
  • Biology Option G: Ecology and Conservation HL/SL
  • Biology Option H: Further Human Physiology HL
  • Biology SL: Genetics Made Easy
  • Biology HL: Genetics Made Easy
  • Biology HL/SL: Student Guide for Internal Assessment

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