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6th - 9th August

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    Afternoon Extras: Classes

    In 2012 students will be able to choose from three types of optional afternoon activity packages:

    Students can select one of these three options.

    In addition to these packages, we also offer careers interviews and a programme of afternoon and evening activities.

    Click here for full details on the Sports and Oxford Explorer Options

    Optional Afternoon Classes

    The optional afternoon classes run 4 afternoons per week, Monday-Thursday 15:00–16:00 – students may choose a maximum of 1 class.

    Please note that these classes incur an extra charge.

    The available afternoon classes are:

    Further English

    This is for students for whom English is not their first language. The class will:

    • Improve written accuracy and fluency
    • Improve oral fluency
    • Improve and increase vocabulary and spelling

    Introduction to Calculus

    Calculus is now a compulsory part of all three Mathematics courses and this intensive course introduces many of the key concepts. The class will cover:

    • Where calculus fits in to your Maths syllabus
    • The basics of differentiation and integration
    • How to use calculus in different applications

    Introduction to Psychology

    IBDP Psychology is growing in popularity, but few students have studied it before starting the IB Diploma Programme. This short course is intended to give students a flavour of IBDP Psychology. In particular, students will begin to understand the three different ways of analysing behaviour – the biological, the cognitive and the sociocultural.

    Using the TI 83/84 Series Calculator in IBDP Mathematics

    This course looks at the power and scope of these Graphic Display Calculators, teaching you how to use them knowledgeably. The class will help you to:

    • Understand how functions behave and solve equations at any level
    • Work faster and check complex calculations
    • Learn more about some of the advanced features of your TI calculator, such as lists, finance calculations and probability simulations


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